Free VEEAM Endpoint Backup Goes RTM – First Upgrade Experiences!

VEEAM Endpoint backup has gone RTM and that’s great news. I’ve been using it since the beta version with great results. I moved to the release candidate when that became available and now I’m running RTM. The version number of the RTM bits is


You can download it here and put it into action straight away!

Quick Tips & Findings

There is no supported upgrade path form the beta release. As a matter of fact the RTM version cannot read the backup files. When trying to upgrade from beta to RTM you’ll be greeted with this message:


Now that’s OK. You should have been on the RC already and there things are better Smile. Mind you, there’s no way to do an in place upgrade either but it can read the backups made by the RC version!


With a clean install (green field or after uninstalling the beta or RC version) the installation will kick off.


Now in the case of or RC backups we tested 2 things:

  • Can we restore the existing backups? Yes we can!


  • How are the backs made by the RTM version handled in regards to the already present ones. We just reconfigured the backups to the same repository and kicked of a backup. A new backup job folder was created and the backup was made there. So our DBA’s great self service SQL Server backup offloading repository made with the RC candidate is still available for restores while RTM backups to it’s own new folder.


Well there you go, VEEAM Endpoint Backup just got launched in production. We still have to wait for the production ready update for integration with VEEAM Backup & Replication v8 but that will arrive soon enough. The future looks bright.


FREE WHITE PAPER: Configuring a VEEAM Off Host Backup Proxy Server for backing up a Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V cluster with a DELL Compellent SAN (Fiber Channel)

Whilst I’m attending TechEd North America 2014, being able to learn and network again with the community at large I think this is a good moment to share. So here’s a little contribution to that community: it’s a white paper on How to configure a VEEAM Off Host Backup Proxy server for backing up a Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V cluster with a DELL Compellent SAN (Fiber Channel).

VEEAM Back & Replication is currently under and extensive test before we make the decision. So far it is going (very) well. And no, VEEAM or DELL did not sponsor this. It’s sharing with the community. A prosperous, successful community makes my professional live better to!

I have to applaud VEEAM for allowing such easy access to their software for trials, to their engineers for assistance and to their support forum and resources even without yet being a paying customer. This is how it should be: vendors having faith in their products both in quality and ease of use. It’s a refreshing experience as some vendors don’t want you to get your hands on new versions of their products even as a existing paying customer “because due to its complexity we might get the wrong impression”. It’s even near impossible with some to get a test license for the lab of the version you currently use with some of them. Not so with VEEAM and that’s great.

I hope you enjoy it. As you might realize I don’t have this kind of infrastructure in my home lab so some of the screenshots have been edited / blurred. I’m sure you can live with that. Otherwise feel free to provide me with the gear in a paid for data center.